Below are all the suggested titles for the picture below


There are some very funny and original ideas for titles.  I liked “Who Let The Dogs Out?”  “The Kennel Club” or “No, I Haven’t Brought My Human Out Tonight”

We made a practical choice “Cheers!”.  It is not the funniest but it was the most popular suggestion and it is the sort of title that works well for a card sender.

We cannot divide the prize between twenty winners, so we have decided to award a free mug to the seven entrants who correctly added the exclamation mark.  These winners will each receive a mug of their choice sent to their homes.  The names of the winners are: Jane Keating, Liza Mcquaid, Anna James, Ashlee Mccune, Lesley Noble, Moira Ashley, Anne Thomas-Ferrand

This is a full list of the titles

A Dog Walks Into A Bar…
A Doggie’s Do
A Dog’s Dinner
A Dog’s Night Inn
A Dog’s Night Out
A Drink Between Friends
A Happy Gathering
A Job Well Done, Cheers!
A Night With The Boys
A Pack Of Friends
A Shaggy Dog Story
A Toast To Our Friendship
Among Best Friends
Anyone For Pool?
At The Fox And Hound
Bar Stool Woofers
Bar Tending
Bar Terrier
Best Of Luck Mate
Best Of Mates
Better Than A Water Bowl
Blokes Night Out
Bonding Time
Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up!
Bottoms Up!
Boys Booze Up
Busy Evening At The Dog´S Inn
Called To The Bar
Canine Capers
Canine Drinks
Catch Up
‘Catching Up’
Cheers Big Ears
Cheers My Dears!
Cheers To Us All
Chillin’ And Swillin’!
Chilling And Swilling!
Chilling Out With The Boys
Cock Tails Bar
Come Here Often?
Discussing The Day
Do You Come Here Often
Do You Come Here Often?
Do You Take Walkies Here Often?
Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly
Dog Tales
Dog Talk
Dog Walks Into A Bar
Doggie Down Time.
Doggie Heaven
Doggy Bar
Dogs Bar
Dog’s Dinner
Dogs Only
Dogtail Bar
Dogtail Hour
Don’t Drink And Bite
Down At The Local
Down The Dog And Hound.
Drink To Me Only
Drinks Are On Me!
Drinks With Special Friends
Enjoying A Sniffter
Evening Meeting
Fancy A Drink?
Foxy Lady!
Fueling Up For Alkies
Going To The Dogs
Good To See You…
Great Times With Friends
Hair Of The Dog
Hair Of The Dog
Hair Of The Dog
Hair Of The Dog
Hair Of The Dog
‘Hair Of The Dog’
Hair Of The Dog?
Happy Days
Happy Friday!
Happy Hound Hour.
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Happy Hour At The Kennel Club
Happy Nour
Heard The One About The Three Cats Who Walked Int
Hello, Do You Walk Here Often?
Here’s Seeing You
Here’s To Our Doglemma
Here’s To Us,Good Friends.
Here’s To You
Here’s Too………
Hey Buddy, A Toast To You
Holiday Cheer
Holiday Chitchat
Hound Happy Hour
Hound Pub For Hound Talks. Brandy Rains No Cats.
I,M Just Having The Hair Of The Human.
I’ll Be “Ruff” In The Morning!
I’ll Drink To That!
I’m Going To Be As Sick As A Dog
In The Dog House
In The Dog House
In The Dog House-Again!
Inn For A Pleasant Evening
Inn Keeping With The Best
It Is A Dogs Life!
It.S Youre Round
It’s A Dog’s Life
It’s A Dog’s Life
It’s A Dog’s Life
It’s A Dog’s Life
It’s A Dog’s Life ….
It’s A Dog’s Life.
It’s Always Five O’clock Somewhere
It’s Good To Have Friends
It’s The Hair Of The Dog I’m Afraid, I Had A Heav
Just Chilling
Just Dogs No Cats
‘Just The One’
Keeping It Cool…
Kennel Club.
Kibbles And Drinks
Last Orders
Last Orders
Last Orders!
Leader Of The Pack
Let Drinking Dogs Lie
Let’s Celebrate
Let’s Drink To That
Let’s Have A Drink
Let’s Have A Hair Of The Dog……
‘Let’s Meet’
Lets Meet Up
Light Refreshments At The Cocked-Tail Lounge
Local Wag
Lock In
Love A Nice Drink After A Long Walk
Man’s Best Friend
Meat Lovers’ Pub
Meet Me At The Bar
Meet Me At The Bar-K
Meeting At The Local
Meeting Friends
My Owners Are Away So I’m Making Hay Whilst The Sun Shines
My Round
Nice Bar, This
No,Haven’t Brought My Human Out Tonight
Not Another Shaggy Dog Story
Nothing Like A Good Tail-Wag At The Local!
Old Friends Toast
One For The Road
One For The Road
One For The Road
One For The Road Lads!
One More For The Road
One More For The Road!
One Pint Only
Party Animal
Party Animals
Party Animals
Play It Cool!
Propping The Bar Up
Pub For Pups
Pups In The Pub
Pup’s Pub
Putting The World To Rights
Relaxed Night Out
Relaxing After A Ruff Day
Rime To Catch Up
Rover’s Happy Day
Rover’s Return
Same Again?
Saturday Night At The Bark Bar
Set Them Up Joe
Shaken Not Stirred
Shaken Not Stirred
Six Pack
So I Said To This Bloke…
Special Times
Such A Thirst After All That Barking!
Tall Tails
Thank Dog It’s Friday
Thank God It’s Friday
Thank God It’s Friday!
The Bachelor Bar
The Bar Is Busy
The Business Meeting
The Dog’s Dish
The Drinks Are On Me
The Fox And Hounds
The Fox And Hounds
The Gang’s All Here
The Hound’s Tipple
The More The Merrier
There’s Nothing Like Dog O’clock
This Is Worth Being In The Dog House
Time For Another?
Time Gentledogs
Time With Friends
‘Two Pints Of Lager And A Pack Of Bonio Please’
Watering Hole
Welcome To The Weekend
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Wine List
Working Dog Drinks
Would You Like Some Bone Flavoured Crisps?
You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
You Come Here Often.
You’re Here Too!?

Competition winner – Jackdaw

Julian Jackdaw coloured 72dpi

Thank you for all your entries.  I am giving the prize to the four entrants who suggested Open Wide – a simple title I had not thought of.  The winners are Adriana Mallery, Janice Mack, Catherine Cooper and Lee-Ann Leander-Pehrson.  Well done you have each won £25 to spend on teh Two Bad Mice website.  We also pay all postage costs.

A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand
A Little Drop Of Kindness
A Little Tender Care
A Mere Morsal
A Mother’s Job
All Things Great And Small
Before I Fly
Bet In Black Jack
Bird Breakfast
Bird Feeder
Birdie Num Num
Can I Tempt You?
Caw That’s A Lovely Drop
Chick Crumble….
Cor Jete!!
Down A Little
Down The Hatch!
Down The Hatch!
Feed Me
Feed Me
Feed Me!
Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Feeling Peckish
Food From The Gods
Great Expectations!
Grubs Up
Have A Dillicious Day
Hungry Little Chick
I Need You….
I’ll Always Be There For You
Just A Tidbit
Learning To Use Chopsticks!!
Little By Little
Little Treats
Look Up!
Loving Care
Luncheon Is Served
More Please!
Motherly Love
My Black Friend
Nature AND Nurture/Nurturing Nature
No Worms Today,Tiny!
One Small Piece
Open Wide
Open Wide
Open Wide And Say Aaahhhh….
Open Wide!
Open Wide!
Patience Makes The Young Grow Stronger!
Peck Ism
Petite Dejeuner
Room Service
Say Ah!
Sing For It’s Supper
Singing For My Supper
Something Wicked This Way Comes…….
Starvin Marvin!
Stronger Day By Day
Take Your Medicine And Get Well Soon.
That Doesn’t Look Like A Worm To Me!!
Tweezer Treat
Worms! Dream On,Tiny!
A Dill In The Kitchen

Competion Result: Cat with Marrow

Anita The Very Best 72dpiThank you for all your ideas for titles.  We have consulted with Anita and chosen to use is “The Very Best”  because it is a great message for a card.  Sometimes others titles are wittier and tempting to use, but we have to keep in mind what message will be useful to the card sender.

Congratulations to Jo for winning £75 to spend on the website

A Dill In The Kitchen
A Happy Vegetarian!
A Light Lunch.
A Marrow Escape
A Marrow Escape
A Marrowing Tail
A Pickle Of A Time
A Present For You
A Vegetarian’s Delight!
Anybody Want To Share Whatever This Is?
As Happy As A Cat With A Cucumber
Autumn Came
Autumn Harvest
Back Up, Please! I Need To See It Better!!
Behold Ze Chef!!
Big Expectations
C”Est Manifique
Cat Marrow Soup,Tonight
Cat That Got The Courgette
Cat V. Courgette
Chef Celeste
Come Dine With Me!
Cooking This Tommarrow
Cool Cat
Courgette Delight Tonight
Cuke Chef
Cuke Smile
Deus Ex Machina
En Gourd!!
Everything Becomes Good In Your Hands
Fancy A Marrow?
Fancy Some Lunch?
Fat Cat Gets Healthy
Feline Green Around The Gills
First In Show
From The Garden
Get Strong Soon
Getting The Balance Right
Giant Marrow Anyone
Great Expectations!
Great Rewards Come To Those Who Cook
Guess What We’re Having For Dinner!
Happiness Is A Big Green Marrow
Happy Maiow-Rrow
Harvest Time
Harvest Winner!
Have A Dillicious Day
Head Chef
Hey Good Look In’ What You Got Cooking?
Home Grown…
I Thought It Was A Courgette
‘I’m The Pickle King’
In A Pickle
In A Serious Pickle
In A Serious Pickle
It’s A Big One
It’s A Marrow Of Taste
It’s Cooking Day
It’s The Cat’s Whiskas
Just For You
Just You Wait!
Let´S Cook The Cuke
Let’s Make Soup Together
Look What I’ve Got
Love Cooking
Love To Dine With You
Mambo Jumbo
Marrow Cat
Marrow Caton Bleu
Marrow Fat Cat!
Marrow Me!
Marrow Me!
Marrow Meow!
Marrowcat Cooks
Marrowly Missed By Whisker
Marrowy Bliss!
Master Chef…
Meat Is So Passé I’m Going Vegan!
Meorrow In Action
Mind Me Marrow
Nature’s Bounty
No Meat Today
Not Another Zuccuhini!
On The Straight And Marrow
Pickled Pink…
Pickled Tink!
Pretty Proud Cooking
Prize Winner
Prize Winner.
Ready For The Weekend
Ready Steady Bake
Seasons Of Mist And Marrow Fruitfulness
See You Tomarrow
Show Stopper
Smiling Squash
Soup Today, Tomorrow And All Week!
Squash Step
‘Sweet ‘N Sour’
The Bigger The Better
The Cat That Got The Cucumber/Courgette
The Chef Is Here!
The Green Chef
The Mar-Cat
The Very Best
Time For A Career Change
T’marrow Is Another Day
Tomarrows Chef’s Special
Top Cat
True Chef!
Vegetarian Cat
Veggie Surprise?
Veggie-Tarian Cuisine
Well Done Or Raw?
What A Pickle
What’s For Dinner?
Whilst The Cat’s Away, The Courgettes Get Out Of
Who Killed Cook’s Marrow ?!
Winter’s Coming – Wrap Up Your Marrows
Wow! What A Big Beak Mum Has!!
Zuccuhini This,Zuccuhini That!


Today we have launched our You Tube Channel.  If you do not know about You Tube Channels this is all you need to know: It is possible for users and business to set up their own video libraries in You Tube.  Members of the Public can use this library and subscribe to be told when we add new videos are added to our collection.

At present we have one introductory video which is a light hearted look at how we how we run our quirky company.  There are already over 50 mini-videos which customers can use to view our products from all angles.  This example is 20 second video for the Laid Back Guy mug

The Home Page of our You Tube Channel here

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Welcome to our blog.  A place where we will let you know news of what we are doing behind the scenes and ask you for advice about product development.

2014 has been a busy year because we have been working with Johnson Tiles to create a range of Kitchen tiles.   This led to further plans to create a selection of kitchen accessories to match the work we had started.   Everything is coming together for a release date early in 2015

Customers and fans on our email list will know about the aprons.  We consulted you about pockets and whether you use them, we discovered by a margin of 2 – 1 that most people do not want a pocket.  This was good news because we did not know how to incorporate a pocket with the design.

Two bad mice Layout new(click on image to see the image in detail)

The items are being manufactured for us by Ulster Weavers who have factories in both Britain and China and are well known for their quality.

It is not too late for you to comment and influence our work, so please tell us what you think of these products we are developing